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CIS 170 Midterm Exam

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• Question 1
Data alteration and denial directly targets the computer by attacking the useful information stored or processed by the computer.

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• Question 2
Child pornography is an example of which type of computer crime
• Question 3
Agnew argues that crime is due to a lack of attachment to parents.

• Question 4
_____________ is designed to impose a sanction on convicted offenders in order to prevent them from continuing to commit criminal acts in the future

• Question 5
Which of the following forms of technology expanded the scope of hacker activities
• Question 6
The primary avenue of redress for corporations seeking to litigate charges of corporate espionage is the criminal courts.

• Question 7
What major category of information warfare/cyber-terror does “cryptography” fall into
• Question 8
Which technique of neutralization occurs when an individual believes that the victim “had it coming”
• Question 9
Computer crime is not an international problem.

• Question 10
An unauthorized program typically contained within a legitimate program is known as a:

• Question 11
During what decade did electronic funds transfers (EFT’s) begin to expand money laundering opportunities
• Question 12
Recent research has linked the act of music and software piracy to what prominent theory
• Question 13
Fortune 1000 technology firms report an average of how many espionage attacks per year
• Question 14
Which of the following is defined in terms…

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