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China One Child Policy

China Two Child Policy
China’s government has been enforcing the one child policy for generations, forcing people to have surgeries to get themselves fixed to prevent them from having kids. While some consider it torture and the government being too involved, it is to many people’s belief that it is working, so they should keep it. The policy has been the government’s way of controlling population, fixing the economy, and creating a new workforce. With the one child policy being a short-term success, they now have moved to the one couple two child policy. The one child policy solved the problem with the over populated China, however it created the new problem of the entire work force growing up and retiring with not enough of the younger generation to replace them. The two child policy is China’s way of correcting this problem while still keeping a cap on the population.
“China’s one child family policy, which was first announced in 1979, has remained in place despite the extraordinary political and social changes that have occurred over the past two decades.” (Penny Kane China’s one child family policy). The one child policy has been around for really long time, so for it to be changed, even if it is only to a two child policy, is a tremendous feat. The policy was first enacted to get China’s population under control because they foresaw the population getting way out of control around 1.4 billion. The idea was to keep the population around 1.2 billion in 2000 “The ideal of a one child family implied that the majority would probably never meet it. It was argued that the sacrifice of second or third children was necessary for the sake of future generations” (Penny Kane China’s one child family policy). They understood that what they were doing was going to be far fetched for the public to accept and for the government to enforce. So they had to entice the public to do it on there own.
“People were to be encouraged to have only one child through a package…

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