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child abuse and neglect

Assignment 1Lindsay BaumArgosy University, Phoenix Introduction Every year more and more children are abused or neglected. Child abuse is becoming more and more of a problem here in the United States. More often than not, children that are abused and or neglected often lead to drugs and alcohol for a way to escape their feelings. When this happens, the children/teenagers at that time fall deep into addiction and some never make it out of the deep depression. Because more and more people are growing up this way, there is more poverty, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect of children here in the United States.
Imagine walking down the street and seeing a child playing on the road. The parents are so deep into drugs that they do not even know that their child is outside. A tragedy happens where the child is taken from the home by a sexual predator. During the time the child is abducted, the parents still have no idea he is gone. Two days later after the parents come out of a drug induced coma, they find police at their door because they have found a child raped and abused, and he is with the state and believed to have lived at that home. The parents are so paranoid about the drugs in the home they deny knowing the child. Later the parents are taken to jail for drugs, child abuse, and neglect. Later on in that child’s life, he experiments with drugs to hide his pain. And along comes a lifelong addiction.
Statement of the Problem Here in the United States more than three million child abuse cases are reported every single year (Child Help, n.d.). Most of those cases are not even addressed at the time because there are to many cases for the one state to handle. More than 90% of children are abused by someone they know very well, or someone that they really love or trust (National Association of Alert and Concerned Citizens, 2011). Children…

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