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CENG 1500 syllabus

A First Course on Materials Science and Applications
Common Core for non-engineering students
Fall, 2014
Instructor: Professor Mi Yongli
Part one: Module Topics
Module One: Smart Surfaces.
Module Two: Pattern Mystery of growing shell fish.
Module Three: Membrane Science and Technology
Module Four: Time Dependent Properties of Materials
Module Five: Amazing Coffee Stain Problem
Module Six: Supercritical Fluids
Module Seven: DNA self-assembly and DNA nanotechnology
Rule of Module Selection:
Module report is due after it is taught and the due date will be announced. The late submission is not accepted.
7 module reports……………………………………………………………………..70%
Final Examination 30%Part Two: Along the module discussion the following fundamental concepts and related materials will be covered. Since this course is designed for non-engineering students only, discussions are mainly qualitative and descriptive. Heavy mathematics is omitted here.
1.1 Atomic Structure
1.1.2 Atomic Bonds
1.1.3 Molecules
1.2 The Structure of Crystalline Solids
1.2.1 Fundamental Concepts
1.2.2 Unit Cells
1.2.3 Metallic Crystal Structures
1.3 Crystallographic Directions and Planes
1.4 Crystalline and Non-crystalline Materials

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II. Mechanical Properties of Metals 2.1 Stress-Strain Behaviour of Solid Materials
2.2 Elastic Properties and Tensile Properties
2.3 Elastic Deformation
2.4 Plastic Deformation
2.4.1 Yielding
2.4.2 Tensile Strength
2.4.3 Ductility, Resilience, and Toughness
2.5 True Stress and Strain
2.5.1 Elastic Recovery
2.5.2 Compressive, Shear, and Torsional Deformation
2.6 Hardness
III. Phase Diagrams
3.1 Basic Concepts
3.2 Equilibrium Phase diagrams
3.2.1 Binary miscible Systems
3.2.2 Binary Eutectic Systems
3.2.3 Equilibrium Diagrams Having Intermediate Phases
3.2.4 Congruent Phase

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