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BUS 365 WK 10 Quiz 9 Chapter 12 – All Possible Questions To Purchase Click Link Below:

BUS 365 WK 10 Quiz 9 Chapter 12 – All Possible QuestionsTo Purchase Click Link Below:
BUS 365 WK 10 Quiz 9 Chapter 12 – All Possible Questions

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Chapter 12

Multiple Choice

1. Making IT investments on the basis of an immediate need or threat are sometimes necessary. What can managers expect from making investments in this waya) These are proactive approaches that will maximize ROI.
b) These just-in-time approaches to investments minimize long-term costs.
c) These are reactive approaches that can result in incompatible, redundant, or failed systems.
d) These quick responses provide the best defenses.

2. The alignment of IT with the business strategy is dynamic and a(n) __________.
a) ongoing process
b) annual event
c) challenge for operations managers
d) decreasing in importance

3. Cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are forms of __________.
a) in-house development
b) offshoring
c) outsourcing
d) sourcing

4. Why did British-Swedish company AstraZeneca undergo a major restructure from a traditional model to a loosely-coupled business modela) Management forecasted a significant loss in its sales revenues.
b) Management wanted to implement the latest IT and social networks.
c) Competition in the pharmaceutical industry was decreasing.
d) All of the above

5. Optimally, the __________ guides investment decisions and decisions on how ISs will be developed, acquired, and/or implemented.
a) network infrastructure
c) level of IT expertise
d) IT strategy

6. Typically, ITs that provide competitive advantages, or that contain proprietary or confidential data are developed and maintained by __________.
a) consulting companies
b) the in-house IT function
c) a single vendor
d) multiple vendors

7. According to a survey of business leaders by Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, 87 percent…

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