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BSHS 352 Week 1 Individual Assignment Paper on Analysing a Web PageFor more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comResearch how to properly analyze a web page.Search the Internet to identify a website intended as a resource for human services and analyze the site based on evaluation criteria as stated in the following tutorial, or from another reliable source: a 700-1050 word paper in which you discuss your findings. Include a discussion on the value and relevance of this site to clients or human services agencies. Remember to correctly site all sources, including the web pages you are visiting.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
————————————————–BSHS 352 Week 2 Individual Assignment Utilizing Online Social Networking Sites PaperFor more course tutorials visit
Locate and create your own LinkedIn® Professional Business Profile (creating the site is optional, however, you will still need to research the site and write about it). Go to: www.LinkedIn.comLocate three professional business groups that are reputable in your chosen field. State whether or not they have monthly or yearly public meetings to network with other professionals in your field.Discuss whether or not these groups provide continuing education opportunities or continuing education credits for licensed professionals.Evaluate whether or not these groups offer qualified referrals or suggest community based programs which may benefit your client base.
Write a 1,050-1,400 word paper analyzing the following:• How can sites such as LinkedIn® help you to stay connected with your professional community, and possibly further business opportunities in your chosen field
• Explain how you could use a site such as LinkedIn® in your community to stay connected with other human services professionals. • How can being tied in to the…

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