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Breakfast Club Psychology Stages

In the film “The Breakfast Club”, Claire “Princess” demonstrates that she is in the Identity vs Role Confusion (Erikson) stage of psychosocial development. Throughout the movie Claire is described as a girl who only cares about what people think about her. In the scene towards the ending the group begins to talk about their personal life. The question “Will we ever talk to each around school?” Claire replies saying that her group of friends would not understand why she is talking to people like Brian “Brain”, Bender “Criminal”, and Allison “Basket Case”. Claire states that their group of friends are much more different than the friends she and Andy “Jock” have.
Claire’s character behavior would be explained using Erikson’s Psychosocial Stage of Development because this is the stage where some adolescents are trying to figure out who they are. They are also in a search for independence. An example with Claire is because she trying to figure who she is because they group of friends she hangs out with is not the person she is.
Claire is in the preconventional stage of moral development. In the beginning of the movie her father is dropping her off to detention and tells him she is disappointed he did not find a way to get her out of it. When she tells her father that he replies saying that he is sorry and he will make it up to her some other time. Another example that shows that Claire is in the preconventional stage is when she was in the library and the school principal was explaining what they were going to do, Claire tells him she knows what she did wrong but she knows for a fact that she does not belong there. This shows that Claire always gets her things her way with her father.
Claire’s father is characterized as a permissive father. Claire characteristics show that her father is permissive, because of the way she was talking to him when she was getting dropped off. When the students are told to eat their lunch everyone took out…

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