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PSY 202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
Brainstorming Worksheet
Purpose: Use this worksheet to brainstorm and reflect upon two significant, uplifting, positive
experiences/events that had a profound impact on your life. Consider events from your
childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, etc.
Hover over words underlined and in blue font (indicating a hyperlink) to access a definition and
the glossary of terms (also located at the end of this document). Items with a blue asterisk require
completion (*).
Life Event 1 (My First Pet):*
In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
Receiving my first pet was the first significant event for me. I received a whit kitten with blue eyes from
my favorite aunt. She knew how bad I really wanted a white kitten and how important it was to me to
have something special that was just mine. She made sure to find one for me to give to me on my 10th
In a second paragraph, describe how you felt after the experience. *
It was the best feeling every to know that she cared enough to listen to what I truly wanted and the
meaning behind why I wanted a kitten so bad. That day and from that point on I felt special, because not
only did my parents and my aunt felt that I was responsible enough to have the responsibility of taking
care of a pet, I was able to call the kitten my own. The kitten would fallow me everywhere and would
wait in my bedroom window every day for me to get home, we were best friends.
Life Event 2 (My First Car):*
In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
When I got my first car it was the most uplifting experience for me. I was able to buy my first car on my
own from a junk yard and I would spend months on end repairing items and replacing parts until it ran
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PSY 202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
like it was supposed to. It didn’t matter to me that the car needed work, because I was able to work on…

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