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The Boeing Corporation is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, aerospace and security systems. As the world’s leader, there are many factor that could influence the planning process. Looking at Boeing management planning process it is easy to see that legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility influence their decisions. Another area that could be influenced during the planning process is the company’s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning. The three factors in the aerospace industry that could influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning could be competition, economic conditions and technology. Boeing has many different factors that affect the planning process in different ways.
Planning is a management function and it is the core value of all the four functions of management. Planning is defined by Bateman and Snell as, “a management function of systematically making decisions about the goals and activities that an individual, a group, a work unit, or the overall organization will pursue.”(15) Planning requires the Boeing management team to do an evaluation of the current state of the company and direction of the company into the future. It involves setting objectives and goals for the organization within a specified amount of time. During the planning process, Boeing management team must gauge both internal and external factors that affect the company.
Corporate social responsibility is an area that affects the management team planning process. Boeing home page defines corporate social responsibility as “Boeing has a responsibility to its stakeholders which include the communities where its employees live and work to be a good corporate citizen and lead by example. Corporate citizenship at Boeing means creating positive changes in all we do through the products and services we provide and the way we operate our business…

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