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Biscuit Industry

Executive Summary Malaysia Biscuits (M) Sdn. Bhd. Was incorporates in 1990 at Sibu Sarawak with the workforce of 140 people up to date, Malaysia Biscuits under small and medium category and distributes his product to all retailer outlets and supermarket all over Malaysia.

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Malaysia Biscuit looking to expand his business into International level and two of his products that receive award from International Institute of quality Selection is Pineapple Cookies and Chocolate Chip, Malaysia Biscuit intend to make these two product become a global brand, the first step for Malaysia Biscuit to make his products become a global brand is to enter the International Market.

To do that, research is needed so that Malaysia Biscuit able to identify which country is the most potential for him to enter at the first place. The target market for this research will be China, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia and will take over 6 month’s maximum. The research will be carry out in two phases, Phase One: Preliminary Screening, at this stage the data will be base on the secondary data and research will base on the Demographic, Political, Economic and social-Culture environment.

The second phase of the research will be conducted base on the primary research survey with the local research company in order to get the data on consumer behaviour and information on the marketing mix strategy. Unfortunately, the secondary data research has some weakness due to the problems related to availability, age of the data, accuracy, reliability and comparability of the data. Further research need to carry out so the decision can be make on which country to enter or did the company ready to enter the market at this stage.

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