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BIO 101 ENTIRE COURSEFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comBIO 101 Week 1 DQs
BIO 101 Week 1 Individual What Is LifeBIO 101 Week 2 Individual Family Tree Presentation
BIO 101 Week 2 DQs
BIO 101 Week 3 Learning Team Presentation
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BIO 101 Week 3 Individual Evolution Lab
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BIO 101 Week 5 Learning Team Food Web Diagram

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BIO 101 WEEK 5 LEARNING TEAM FOOD WEB DIAGRAMFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comFood Web Diagram
Create a diagram in which you illustrate the energy flow among organisms of a food chain in a particular ecosystem. See Ch. 20 of the text for details and examples.
Determine the interdependency of life in your ecosystem by examining its organisms.
Include the following:
List the organisms that can be found in your ecosystem.
Identify the structure and function of the main organs in at least two organisms, and indicate why they are suited for that environment.
Label major organisms that live in your selected ecosystem: P for producers, C for consumers and D for decomposers.
Name types of consumers in your ecosystem.
List the food chains associated with your ecosystem. Address the following items:
Name of the plant or animal
What it eats
What eats it

How it adapts to the ecosystem—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————BIO 101 WEEK 1 INDIVIDUAL WHAT IS LIFEFor more course tutorials visit
What Is LifeComplete the University of Phoenix Material: What Is Life? worksheet located on your…

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