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Big Mess Analysis

We were asked to analyze the customer data that the Big Mess theatre collected during the past three years. With this data we could analyze what the most valuable customers are. We analyzed the data from different perspectives. Our main findings are that the Big Mess theatre is dealing with loyalty problems. Also we found out that the theatre is having problems getting young people to watch their shows. In the first part of this analysis we explain the method we used and the steps we took to process the data.

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In the next chapter we write about the conclusions you can draw from these findings. One of the most important findings is that the 80/20 principle is not applicable at the Big Mess theatre. According to this principle 80 percent of your profit should come from 20 percent of your customers. In the last chapter we made some recommendations on how to improve their customer relation management. In short these recommendations are: -improve the working atmosphere -promotional activities to acquire and retain customers In order to analyze the data we received from the theatre we took a couple of different steps.

We have used the programs SPSS and Excel to find the answers for this case assignment. Question 1 First we had to add up the number of visits from three different years. In order to do this we used ‘compute variable’ under ‘transform’ to create a new variable, which we named total visits. Then we used the function ‘frequencies’ under ‘analyze’ and ‘descriptive statistics’ to create a frequency table (appendix table 1. 1) and a bar chart (chart 1. 1). This way we could clearly see what the frequency is of a number of visits. We copied the results from the table to Microsoft Excel in order to be able to easily divide the group in five parts.

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