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Kathleen Rickey
Unit 9 Assignment
Kaplan University
HN220 Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are the parents of Adam. Adam is a 15 year old boy who has shown signs of depression. The Johnsons claim their son’s behavior has changed over the past months and they feel he is depressed. They have called to have a Human Service worker talk with them so they can help their son and help him with his depression. He has shown behavior changes at school and home and has become defiant. Dad seems concerned Adam is always coming home with what appears to be a cold. The first thing that needs to happen is for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson come in for counseling to find out when the problem started and to get the facts.
Both of Adams parents showed up for their 12:00 appointment with me. They both seemed a little nervous and soft spoken. I introduced my self and gave them both a little of my background and experience working with children like Adam. I let them know they are not alone and that there are indeed other parents going through these exact same feelings and fears. Afterwards I asked both parents to introduce themselves and to tell me something about themselves as well. Mr. Johnson introduced himself first. He spoke clearly and told me about his occupation. Mrs. Johnson was very soft spoken and did not speak much. I assured them both that we were here today to talk about the family and what life is like. Not just for Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson as well.
I wanted to build a rapport with them both and let them know I am active listening and I am here to just listen. This is the A, in the ABC model of crisis intervention. To build a rapport and trust with the client. It is very important for them to trust you from the beginning. This can determine how successful the sessions will be. It is also important to paraphrase and to ask open ended questions. During all sessions it is also important to show empathy. When Mrs. Johnson told me her son is…

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