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Baseball Memoir

Those were the words my dad would yell from the third base coach’s box as I passed him rounding third! Baseball to me is more than just a game! Baseball is a passion, fueled by the desire to succeed, the passion to overcome, and the dedication to be great. A baseball field to me is like a stage is to a dancer or an open road for a biker; I just love every aspect of this amazing sport. It’s the field with its seemingly unfair depth, its soft green grass and the infamous red dirt, that make me have the passion for the game like my father did as a child.

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My life seemed to be limitless when I was in between that fence. Taking cuts on the tee, putting together a pickup game that didn’t matter who won or lost, or even on those days that practice seemed to never end, I still had the love for the game. Baseball is not a game for the weak minded. You can strike out 6 out of 10 times at the plate and still be a great batter. One thing baseball will teach anybody who plays it is comradery. A brotherhood within the players that will always be there! I don’t believe there is any other sport out there that gives you that sense of trusting one another.

Baseball is the only sport I know that is an individual sport and team sport at the same time! Back when I was 5 years old, my dad introduced me to baseball… and then it happened! I fell in love with baseball and everything in between. Every other sport couldn’t compare. The joy it gave me was indescribable. When I say baseball has been my life and will always be in my life I mean it! My spring and summers since I was five have always been baseball, and there’s nothing I would change! My dad was my baseball coach for many years.

I loved being coached by him. I grew up playing 3rd base and pitching because that’s what my dad played in college and I thought that was the coolest thing!! I’ll admit, I wasn’t the best baseball player when I was younger, partially because of my A. D. D. and the fact I couldn’t sit still… EVER; I always was the one cheering the loudest, giving the first high fives and the last one to leave the field. “God did I love playing! ” I’m definitely one of those people who when they find something they really love they have the greatest passion for it!

There’s just something about holding that bat in your hand, stepping into that batter’s box, diggin in your cleats, and just wanting to hit the crap out of that ball!! Now on the other hand, running the bases is the most adrenaline filled feeling in the world. Sprinting those 180 feet to second or stretching it for a triple is the most exciting moment for me in baseball! When you see that ball being hit into the right center gap, and you just round first base and step it up and push for that triple; there’s absolutely nothing like it!

High School was an amazing time for me. I had two of the best years of my baseball career. Entering my sophomore year of high school, I never thought I would have gone through what I did! I would say that my high school team was amazing but the coaches… yeah not so much! I played outfield in high school, which I absolutely loved! Being able to just sprint to that ball, grab that ball out of the deep green grass, automatically find those laces with your fingers and just throw that ball as hard as I could at my cutoffs head!

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