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American Dream

Nicolette Garcia
Humanities 10B
Professor Luke and Tracy
May 1,2014
How Can The Past Influence the FutureThe Great Gatsby continues to fascinate and grasp the attention of Americans today. In an era much like the 1920’s, one in which we have come to enjoy new levels of comfort and convenience, in which we celebrate celebrity and opulence, but in which there remain glaring inequalities of wealth and privilege. Today in our society of over spending and over indulgence- The Great Gatsby is more relevant now than ever. The 1920’s boomed with economic and social changes across the country. The decade is known for its nicknames including “the Jazz Age” or “the Roaring Twenties” which depict the hype of the time and changes. Wages for Americans were rising for most people and prices were falling which as a result people were living in much higher standards and consumer consumption increased rapidly.
Not only was the economy progressing but also so were the lives’ of women. They were changing the way the acted, dressed and thought, which was a shock to the earlier, more traditional generations. The term “flapper” was created due to the changes of women’s looks and personalities.” In America, a flapper has always been a giddy, attractive and slightly unconventional young thing who, in [H. L.] Mencken’s words, ‘was a somewhat foolish girl, full of wild surmises and inclined to revolt against the precepts and admonitions of her elders.’” Flappers had both an image and an attitude. Life changed even for women who weren’t thought of as “Flappers.” Women were also freed of a lot of the typical house duties due to the new machines created to help out. The automobile industry was the core reason as the huge growth rate in the economy of the ‘20s. The number of cars tripled between 1920 and 1929 and by 1929 there was one car on the road for every five Americans. The mass availability of the car helped to fuel the economic boom. It made traveling easier and more flexible…

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