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Advertising and Communication: A New Baby Powder

What Marketing trends to use? Though what means of communication? Main problems: What regulatory or trade association issues or restrictions? Freshness’ final campaign Bibliography Pre-seminar Assignment I. Define the product : Baby powder

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Baby powder is a powder that’s meant to keep a baby’s skin soft and smooth. It has many characteristics such as avoiding irritating friction for example. Babies usually have a lot of irritating friction due to clothes and nappies rubbing against the skin and folds of skin. Baby powder is made of millions of tiny slippery plates that glide over each other eliminating friction this gives a fresh and comfortable skin. Usually, parents use the baby powder on the child after a bath and after a nappy change for the baby to feel as comfortable as possible.

There is no problem in using the product every day, because all the baby powders (or most of them at least) are Hypoallergenic, allergy and dermatology tested, and pediatrician tested along with having a clean and fresh scent. The baby powder prevents soreness, but in recent years, this tradition has not been as popular because of its main ingredient, talc which has been considered as being possibly carcinogen. Other baby powders not using talc have synthetic fragrances which can be irritating to a baby’s sensitive skin.

The baby powder that is need nowadays is organic baby powder, made with fresh products such as lavender, or different herbs that would not have a very aggressive smell for the babies to feel the most comfortable. What is its function? Baby powder prevents soreness and keeps the baby’s skin fresh and soft. Mainly the baby powder is considered as a soothing solution for the baby’s skin which is extremely sensitive and exposed to irritating friction due to clothing or folds in the skin. The baby powder is also known to prevent from sweating and keeps the child fresh and clean.

This new organic baby powder will have the same functions as the basic baby powders but without any talc in it, and in this way will be less dangerous for the children. What problem or opportunity does it solve? The baby powder solves the problem of baby’s skin being irritated or even sometimes having a rash. The babies have a very sensitive skin and they need to be protected, from the sun, from the cold, and from any form of friction with the baby powder. This type of powder can be considered as a whole because it protects the baby’s skin from any kind of threat.

Seeing as it keeps the skin fresh, it protects somehow from the heat, then, seeing as it’s anti irritation, it protects the baby from the cold and possible rashes. Then the baby is also exposed to clothing friction and the baby powder can solve this. The baby powder solves the problem of baby skin’s soreness, because babies go through a lot of soreness, with their teeth growing and falling over, they need to at least be comfortable with what they wear thanks to the baby powder. By using an organic baby powder, children will be less exposed to carcinogen products, and still will be able to enjoy the freshness and cleanliness of baby powder.

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