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Advantage and Disadvantage of Smoking

Everybody in the world always think smoking should be banned completely because of the harmful health but they do not realize the benefit we can get from it . In my opinion , smoking should be banned but not completely and i will give some support ideas about that First of all ,let me point out the positive side of the smoking . As everybody knows, smoking undoubtedly help people to relax . People usually smoke before an exam , during working or when they hanging out with their friend .

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Secondly, governments through out the world get a huge profit from levy taxes on cigarette . They can use the fund to build hospitals , schools , and other amenities. Moreover , cigarette is provided thousand of jobs for people around the world – especially for the poor countries like Vietnam , India or Nepal . Without cigarette , those people will be suffered for their lifes. However , a coin always has two side . And of course ,smoking also has the negative effect .

The first and also the worst of smoking is going to effect human health . Thousand of researchs have been shown that smoking is the main reason to caused some cancers like lung or bronchitic .. .. And because of that , it is wasted governments the big amount of money for people who are treating in hospitals . In addition , second smoking is also concerned . Scientists have shown that second smoking will have a serious health problem if they spend a long period of time among the people who do smoke.

In general , i think smoking should be banned in public places like bus stops or shopping mall because the health of other people . But , the above mention benefits of cigarette are deserved to concern . And another thing is we all adults- they have the right to do things that good for them , all we have to do is give them more informations about how bad smoking is and let them dicided whether smoke or not

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