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ADJ 225 Assignment Corrections Comparison Summary (UOP)For more course tutorials visit
Tutorial Purchased: 2 Times, Rating: A+
• Resource Ch. 11 in Juvenile Justice
• Due Date Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Continue to review the target group selected in Week Two.
• Locate three separate corrections programs and detention facilities in your community or
state designed for juveniles within your selected target group. Make sure you have
selected one detention facility and one correction program. Your third selection can be of
either genre.
• Write a summary describing the similarities and differences of the correction programs
and facilities. Your summary should be 750-1,000 words in length and formatted following
APA guidelines.
• Post your Corrections Comparison Summary as an attachment
———————————-ADJ 225 Assignment Juvenile Court Comparison(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
Tutorial Purchased: 1 Times, Rating: A+
• Resources Ch. 9 in Juvenile Justice, classmates, and the Juvenile Court Characteristics
response received from your instructor on Day 4
• Due Date Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the similarities and differences between the
juvenile court characteristics in your state and the characteristics described by your
classmate from another state. Format the paper following APA guidelines.
• Post as an attachment————————————ADJ 225 CheckPoint 2 Mission Statement(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
Tutorial Purchased: 2 Times, Rating: A+• Resource Ch. 9 in Juvenile Justice
• Due Date Day 4 [Individual] forum
• Compose a mission statement for the juvenile court system as it exists today. The
mission statement should describe the general purpose, philosophy, and goals of the
juvenile court system.
• Write a brief response explaining the rationale behind…

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