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ACCT 567 Entire CourseFor more course tutorials visitwww.uophelp.comACCT 567 Week 1 Exercises
ACCT 567 Week 2 Case Study I
ACCT 567 Week 2 Problems 3-9 and 4-4, 4-6, 4-10
ACCT 567 Week 3 Problems 5-3 and 6-5
ACCT 567 Week 4 Midterm Exam
ACCT 567 Week 4 Problems 7-3 and 7-8
ACCT 567 Week 5 Case Study City of Shipley
ACCT 567 Week 5 Homework Case study******************************************************************************************************************************************ACCT 567 Week 1 ExercisesFor more course tutorials visitwww.uophelp.comFrom the textbook, complete the following problems.
Chapter 1: Exercise 1–3 Chapter 2: Exercises 2–3 and 2–5 ******************************************************************************************************************************************ACCT 567 Week 2 Case Study IFor more course tutorials visitwww.uophelp.comACCT567 Case Study I (Week 2)
The General Fund of Middleville has presented you with the following trial balance as of June 30, 2011.
Debits Credits
Cash $ 40,000
Taxes Receivable- Delinquent 142,000
Estimated Uncollectible Taxes- Delinquent 9,100******************************************************************************************************************************************
ACCT 567 Week 3 Problems 5For more course tutorials visitwww.uophelp.comMake all necessary entries in the appropriate governmental fund general journal and the government-wide governmental activities general journal for each of the following transactions entered into by the City of Ford ache.
1. The city received a donation of land that is to be used by Parks and Recreation for a park. At the time of the donation, the land had a fair value of $5,200,000 and was recorded on the donor’s books at a historical cost of $4,500,000….

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