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Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War

I believe that the documents presented from chapter nine: Defending a New Birth of Freedom, Abraham Lincoln’s main intentions in regards to the reconstruction of the Union was to reunite the country.

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The reason being simply because Abraham Lincoln had been involved in doing so much to perform such a deed which had included the following: General Grant’s promotion to general in chief during the ongoing feud with the Confederacy, the passing of the Wade-Davis Bill and refusal by Lincoln to sign it, incorporating women’s contributions into the war, and lastly using his title as President to instill into people’s mind that war was the key in achieving freedom and Union.

Lincoln had to battle his way to attaining liberty without slavery by successfully conquering the Confederacy army whose intention of restoring the Union was to be the way it used to be with slavery. In addition, unless this was put to a stop before Election Day which was on November 1864 the hope for freedom had rested upon Lincoln’s re-election to a second term. However, the Confederacy did not care much for winning battles since they had a different tactic to achieving victory. Their line of attack was to implant fear into the Northerners by sending their message in the form of injured and deceased Union men.

Therefore, the Confederacy had figured that this would force the Northerners to back out of the war and appreciate their self-determination. Hence forth, Lincoln had acknowledged that he was in desperate need of triumph in order to encourage the Northerners that war would be over shortly; and bowing down to accepting the Confederacy’s independence would be the last thing on their agenda. That is why Abraham Lincoln had appointed General Grant to be general in chief and his second hand man in hopes of achieving this victory to assure the people that they will not be defeated (War without End, 264-265).

This is why I strongly believe Abraham Lincoln was for the people based off his actions because he had thought about the various circumstances and how they would affect society before directly executing a decision. Another obstacle which clearly demonstrates Abraham Lincoln’s desire to be the voice of the people was portrayed after the passing of the Wade-Davis Bill on July 2, 1864 by Congress. The bill was simply required to eradicate slavery by a majority vote of fifty-percent during the 1860 presidential voters compared to Lincoln’s proposal of ten-percent in his reconstruction plan.

Instead of vetoing the bill Lincoln declined to sign it. In addition, at the time the Republicans in Congress thought very little about Lincoln believing that his reconstruction plan was quite to kind toward the Confederates who had been slaying Union soldiers (p. 280). By Lincoln merely not wanting to sign the bill had shown how strongly he had felt about the issue revolving around slavery. Since the numbers had jumped from ten to fifty percent Lincoln was not happy about how Congress had been dealing with the problem and had made it known in the form of refusing to sign their suggestion.

During the war women could not vote, however, Abraham Lincoln had no hesitation whatsoever towards their positive input and desire to become involved. Therefore, Lincoln had taken the opportunity to capitalize on this matter by spreading this interconnectedness of a community in the North. Woman had put together a charitable organization that had sent soldiers various necessities that had ranged from clothing, food, and medical instruments (The Political Campaign for Union, Freedom, and War, 281). By allowing women at the time to get politically involved shows the true character that Abraham Lincoln is beneath his role as President.

His actions during that time had drew people in together in a time where stakes were running high and demands needed to be met. Therefore, it couldn’t have been done in any better way than for Lincoln to get everyone he could to get involved into the movement. According to Abraham Lincoln he had believed that without the war there would be no possibility of achieving Union and freedom. He had used his current position as President to persuade to the people that this was a crucial factor in acquiring what meant most too many and fighting to attain it was the only option.

However, he had also stressed the fact that if we didn’t then it would lead to dissatisfaction from the outcome of the war and a possible renewal of slavery (The Political Campaign for Union, Freedom, and War, 281). Abraham Lincoln always had a way with words from the time he had been a lawyer in Illinois and declared a “master wordsmith. ” Furthermore, Lincoln had understood his boundaries as President in means of position of power. He had also realized the fact that he couldn’t use his authority unless he had gained the approval of many Americans in the shape of votes, trust, and readiness of sacrifice.

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