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Aarkstore – India Set Top Box Market, Annual Tracker

Aarkstore – India Set Top Box Market, Annual Tracker
SummarySet Top Boxes (STB’s) remains one of the poised products in India in the consumer electronics segment. Increasing demand for digital viewing among the Indian consumers is further expected to boost the Indian STB market. According to 6Wresearch, “India Set Top Box Market” registered annual shipments of 18.48 million units. TECHNICOLOR led the market followed by SKYWORTH and CISCO. The DVB-S segment continues to cannibalize the DVB-C segment’s market share in the India Set Top Box Market. Key features of the report:1. Total Set Top Box shipment in India
2. Market by Set Top Box Type
2.1 DVB-C
2.2 DVB-S
2.3 DVB-T
2.4 IPTV
2.5 Hybrid
2.6 OS Based STBs
3. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
4. Shipments by market players
5. Model wise shipments by each company
6. Price of each model
7. Specifications covering
7.1 STB Type
7.2 High Definition/Standard Definition
7.3 Recording Availability
7.4 Internal Recording Memory
7.5 Internal Recording Capacity (GB)
7.6 USB Recording Availability
7.7 HDMI Availability
7.9 CAS
7.10 4K Availability
7.11 WI-FI Availability

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Browse complete Report on: of Contents:1. India Set Top Box Market
2. Set Top Box by Price
3. Market by Set Top Box Type
3.1 DVB-C
3.2 DVB-S
3.3 DVB-T
3.4 IPTV
3.5 Hybrid
3.6 OS Based STBs
4. Set Top Box Market By Specifications
4.1 STB Type
4.2 High Definition/Standard Definition
4.3 Recording Availability
4.4 Internal Recording Memory
4.5 Internal Recording Capacity (GB)
4.6 USB Recording Availability
4.7 HDMI Availability
4.9 CAS
4.10 4K Availability
4.11 WI-FI…

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