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What I Already Know
When I was little, I was curious about 90’s music. I want to know about this because, my parents always had it on in the car and around the house. So, I grew to love it but I’ve always wanted to learn more of the history behind the lyrics. What I already know is “gangsta rap” came out of the 90’s and Death Row records supported this. Also, there were so many great artists in every genre. Last but not least is that N.W.A started “gangsta rap” but if you ask anyone about “gangsta rap” the two diverse artists they’ll tell you are Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known by his stage name Biggie Smalls and Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known by his stage name 2Pac. What I really want to find out is “How did the 90’s music industry have an influence on today’s music artists?”, also “How did “gangsta rap” have an uprising influence on its listeners?”, finally “Why are 90’s hits still relevant today?”.The story of my search
The first article I read was “Internet Radio and Free Music News”. I found this article on “Radio Blog About Everything Related to Free Music”. Overall, this source informed me about how unique 90’s music was from any other decade. In summary, the article discussed how every artist wanted to make a name for themselves so, lyrically they had to do what no artist has ever done. The first fact I found was “the growth of “gangsta rap” came out of the 90’s”. Another fact I found was “every genre was stretching their limits to make music better”. I was surprised at the fact that “women were barely introduced in the hip-hop and rap industry in the 90’s”. This source answered my question about how the 90’s music industry had an influence on todays music artist, because 90’s artists were doing what no other was doing and in todays music industry every artist is trying to be unique but also original.The second article I read was “Internet Radio and Free Music News”. I found this article on “Radio Blog About Everything Related…

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