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Last name: ________________________________________________________________________ First name: _______________________________________________________________________

WIN ID: __________________ Student contact phone number: _____________________________

Student email: [email protected] ______________________Have you changed your address or contact details recently? Please advise us below of any changes:
Unit of study code: XXXXXXXX Unit of study name: __________________________________________________________________ Unit of Study Trainer: _____________________________________________________________ Assessment title and Number: _____________________________________________________ Due date: XX/XX/XXXX – OR –
I have been granted an extension/Special Consideration until XX/XX/XXXX
Time & date submitted: HR:MIN AM / PM XX/XX/XXXX
Academic Honesty
All forms of plagiarism and unauthorised collusion are regarded as academic dishonesty by WIN, resulting in penalties including failure of the unit of study and possible disciplinary action. In submitting this assessment, I acknowledge the following:
I have read and understood WIN’s Plagiarism Policy 2014 on page 21 at ( certify that this work is substantially my own, and where any part of this work is not my own, I have indicated as such by acknowledging the source of that part or those parts of the work. The assessment has not been submitted previously for assessment in another unit.The assessment conforms to the requirements in the unit of study outline and that a corrupt file or incorrect file type will not be accepted for submission by the system. I have retained a duplicate copy of the assessment. The trainer, in assessing this assessment, may reproduce this assessment, provide…

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